Radiator Covers

Farmhouse Furniture

Radiator covers are designed to cover all of the radiators you have in your home to aid style and function.

Farmhouse Furniture have designed and made some of the most elegant radiator covers for our customers around the UK.

Because all of our covers are handmade, we can make them to fit in perfectly with the surrounding of your home and the furniture you already have.

They are all made from scratch and designed so you can still have easy access to your radiators when you need them. They can make a lovely feature within a room and can be used to place things like lamps or vases on.

We have designed and made bookcases that match the radiator covers to go either side which can be really effective.

They can be however big or small you need them to be and can be either painted in your desired colour or come in a number of finishes. You can then choose from a wide range of grilles to compliment these covers