Farmhouse Furniture

With some of the mass produced furniture pieces that are made now days, they are made using some of the cheapest materials around so after a small amount of time and daily use they could start to show signs of wear and could eventually fail on you.

If you could repair mass-produced furniture it may not be cost-effective or desirable to have this furniture fixed so most people just dispose of it.

With good quality wooden furniture this does not have to be the case. If you have paid for quality wooden bespoke furniture and have had it in your family for a long time then it is worth keeping even if you initially think it’s too old, worn or even broken because we are sure we can revive and renew even the most battered furniture.

One of the many services we provide is restoration. This is where we restore bespoke furniture back to its original state. Whatever furniture you have whether it is a dining room table, a dresser, a cabinet or even a toy box, just tell us what you would like done with it and we will happily oblige. There really isn’t anything we cannot restore to its former glory.

We are really proud of our ability to be able to restore furniture making it look exactly how it did at the start of its life, actually in most cases better than it did originally. We have had many happy customers that are really surprised with what we can achieve. So if you have something that you own, maybe you have purchased a second hand piece of furniture that you would like restored back to its former glory, or would like an antique piece of furniture that could do with a modern twist, perhaps with it being recovered, then we can really help.

If you have a dining room table, maybe the chairs are old and worn. We can re-upholster the chairs in some of the loveliest fabrics making them look more modern. We can preserve the original surface of the table top, removing any watermarks and scratches from it and if the legs of a table are broken then we can replace them too. We can also replace old components, dismantle and construct new joints to any old furniture.

As you can see, we cover most areas of furniture restoration and can cater for your every need, however unique it may be. We have restored some of the oldest furniture for our customers that have been passed down from generation to generation